Re-use of rubber in the circular economy


Repurposing is one key element, in terms of re-using existing infrastructure and natural resources.
Here at Revyre we offer 3 key service solutions:

Recover & Recycle

We recover and recycle your end-of-life rubber products using sustainable disposal processes.


Using the latest technologies, we reprocess the rubber crumb from disposal into black rubber compounds or a masterbatch substitute to re-manufacture rubber products.

Polymer Distribution

We create high value black rubber compounds which are distributed to compounders who use these polymers in their product manufacturing processes.


REVYRE has created a team with global expertise in rubber and rubber polymers. The team will continue to grow as new projects in new jurisdictions come on board.

REVYRE Global Polymers

REVYRE’s subsidiary REVYRE Global Polymers (RGP) has partnered with Advanced Sustainable Polymers (AS-Polymers) to leverage extensive industry networks and expertise in the global rubber and polymer industries, for distribution of our polymers.

REVYRE Manufacturing

REVYRE’s subsidiary REVYRE Manufacturing (RMF) has partnered with global award winning cleantech organisations for licensed use of their devulcanisation technology in various jurisdictions. Coupled with this is the of use high pressure water jet disintegration or crumbing via mechanical shredding for end-of-life rubber products including tyres, conveyor belts and the like.


We do end-of-life tyres and rubber products better by offering a global disposal solution.

We do end-of-life tyres and rubber products in the most environmentally sound process using recycled water in our ELT destruction phase.

We use all material produced in the destruction phase and have zero waste or toxic by-products by recycling 100% of the tyre. 


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Current disposal practices for end-of-life tyres are incompatible with stakeholder expectations. Fifty percent of all tyres are burnt as tyre derived fuel.

Fully Circular

End-of-life rubber compounds are re-used to create new tyres or alternative products.

100% Sustainable

Our process is 100% environmentally clean and sustainable.

100% Recyclable

We recycle 100% of the end-of-life tyres and rubber products.

No Toxic Waste

We produce no toxic waste by completely recycling the tyre and other rubber products.

Low CO2 Emissions

We have low CO2 emissions from our recycling process.

Reduces Greenhouse
Gas Emissions

By substituting virgin raw materials with tyre derived polymers, our process reduces greenhouse gas emissions.


Teck Resources

Teck is one of Canada’s leading mining companies, committed to responsible mining and mineral development with major business units focused on copper, zinc, and steelmaking coal, as well as investments in energy assets.

Tyre Collection Services

End of life tyre processor and collection services provider New Zealand

RubberJet Valley

RubberJet Group uses an innovative proprietary high-pressure water jet (“H.P.W.J.”) plant that breaks down large truck and mining off-the-road tires (OTR) in an environmentally friendly way. The unique resulting material is then used to produce new tires or other rubber-based products for commercial use.


Tyromer Inc. has commercialized its rubber devulcanization technology developed at the University of Waterloo. This breakthrough patented manufacturing process converts scrap rubber into a polymer to be reused in tire manufacturing in excess of 20%.

Advanced sustainable polymers

ASP is a global platform business that originates and merchandises technically advanced and forward-thinking solutions for the global polymer-consuming industry.

Ace Laboratories

ACE Laboratories is an ISO /IEC 17025: 2017 accredited independent laboratory providing testing, expert technical consulting, research and development services to the global elastomer industry.



We aim to create a global solution to dispose of end-of-life tyres and rubber products sustainably.
At REVYRE, we carefully monitor every step of the process to ensure that rubber products are disposed of, recycled, re-manufactured and distributed sustainably, without causing further threats to the environment.