Current disposal practices for end-of-life tyres (comprising primarily stockpiling), are incompatible with stakeholder expectations.

Fully Circular

ELT rubber compounds are re-used to create rubber products.

100% Sustainable

Our process is 100% environmentally clean and sustainable.

100% Recyclable

We recycle 100% of end-of-life tyres and rubber products.

No Toxic Waste

We produce no toxic waste by completely recycling end-of-life tyres and other rubber products.

Low CO2 Emissions

We have low CO2 emissions from our recycling process.

Reduces Greenhouse
Gas Emissions

By substituting virgin material with tyre derived polymer, our process reduces greenhouse gas emissions.


At REVYRE, we’re creating a fully sustainable and environmentally clean process that is unmatched. We are conscious of the impact rubber can have on the environment, which is why all our products are 100% recyclable.

Working in a fully-circular economy, we continually monitor our environmental impact to improve our processes. We produce no waste or by-products by actively recycling what we use, and produce low CO2 emissions in the recycling process.

REVYRE continually encourages businesses to adopt sustainable best practices that begin by reducing greenhouse gas emissions through substituting raw materials with tyre derived polymers.


We’ve developed an unmatched end-of-life destruction phase to create high-value polymers. We focus on a circular economy by recycling 100% of the rubber goods, using only recycled water.

We’ve formed a seamless process of disinfecting, disintegrating, and developing repurposed tyre derived polymers. We distribute our tyre derived polymer pellets and bags to businesses for revival into new rubber goods.


We are driven to uphold an ESG framework in all areas of our business. REVYRE places great emphasis and importance on the focus of the environmental benefits of recycling rubber, actively reducing our fossil fuel use and engaging in responsible water management.

We work to produce an environmentally sustainable, virgin, raw material substitute with tyre derived polymer. We also help support and create jobs for our local communities.

A core focus for REVYRE is to align to ESG practises and support the UN Sustainable Development goals (SDGs).