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Shaun Zukor

Chief Executive Officer

Brett Sachs

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Adam Simpson

Chief Technical Officer

Earl Stevens

Chief Strategy Officer

Tony Hannon

Non-Executive Director

Sandy Frew

Executive Assistant

Robert Meyer

Managing Director
Advanced Sustainable Polymers

Tom Marsh

Chief Technical Officer Advanced Sustainable Polymers

James Bugansky

CEO North America
Advanced Sustainable Polymers

Pascal Demierre

Sustainability & Corporate Affairs Advanced Sustainable Polymers

Erick Sharp

ACE Laboratories

Rodney Armstrong

Engineering Manager
ACE Laboratories


Our mission is to undertake our share of leadership and actions that will create a true circular economy from disposing of end-of-life tyres, using systems and technologies that:

Are ethical, profitable, and environmentally unimpeachable.
Contributes to an improved, sustainable, environment. Yields the company, its partners and its investors a fair and attractive profit and an enhanced reputation. Enable us to enhance community outcomes where we operate, by contributing to well-being, capacity and resilience, through providing work, skill and wealth in a culturally appropriate manner.


Our vision is to rid the world of arguably its biggest and most intractable environmental threat by contributing to leaving a world that is clean, healthy, sustainable and free from environmental threats.


Our immediate goal is to achieve our mission in Australasia while contributing by example and in material ways, towards a global solution.

Our longer-term goal is to be a participant in the global use of the REVYRE process to remove the environmental threat created by end-of-life tyres and rubber goods.


It takes many hands to revive end-of-life rubber and tyres, which is why we work with several partners. Our partners work harmoniously to create a fully circular process for tyre derived polymers production and distribution.

Our globally unmatched process to remove
the environmental threat of end-of-life tyres and rubber goods focuses on long-term collaboration.

With the help and collaboration of our partners, we work towards our goal of leaving the world a better and more sustainable place than we found it.


Current disposal practices for end-of-life tyres are incompatible with stakeholder expectations. Fifty percent of all tyres are burnt as tyre derived fuel.

Fully Circular

ELT rubber compounds are re-used to create rubber products.

100% Sustainable

Our process is 100% environmentally clean and sustainable.

100% Recyclable

We recycle 100% of end-of-life tyres and rubber products.

No Toxic Waste

We produce no toxic waste by completely recycling end-of-life tyres and other rubber products.

Low CO2 Emissions

We have low CO2 emissions from our recycling process.

Reduces Greenhouse
Gas Emissions

By substituting virgin raw materials with tyre derived polymers, our process reduces greenhouse gas emissions.